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Immigration Lawyers in Pickering - Among the aspects of employment law which our company is skilled at comprise the drafting of employment and independent contractor agreements, offering suggestion about legislative requirements and human rights, and educating both employers and employees concerning the subject of wrongful dismissal.

Should employment law be overlooked, it can have devastating effects on the workplace. Creating undesirable working environment, loss of values employees and lost revenues are among the potential damages that may occur. Whatever of these concerns could start to tarnish a businesses reputation. At our firm, we strongly encourage our clients to make employment and independent contractor agreements, as well as workplace training, to be able to try and lessen future problems.

Our teams of lawyers are full capable of representing our clients in all levels of court in British Columbia. We also are really skillful at mediations and arbitrations.

Some of the aspects of employment-related claims which our firm has knowledge in are drawing up employment and contractor agreements, advising about employment standards, human rights, worker's compensations, and occupational health and safety issues, helping prepare workplace manuals, and partaking in mediation and arbitration.

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Profit magazine ranked Pickering as amomg the top ten cities within Canada to grow a business. The city of Pickering has several manufacturers situated within the city. Among its main companies are: Eco-Tec Inc. (industrial chemical recovery and water purification systems), PSB Speakers - Lenbrook (stereo machines), Hubbell Canada (electrical equipment), Canadian headquarters of Purdue Pharma (pharmaceuticals and health & beauty products), and Yorkville Sound (audio machines). The city of Pickering is even the location of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Its original station opened in the year 1971 and had four reactors, and during 2001, OPG7 Commemorative Turbine was opened on the generating station site. The largest single business in the city is the Ontario Power Generation. Pickering is the founding member of the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance or otherwise referred to as DSEA, and it concentrated on the companies of Areva, Eco-Tec, AECL, Intellimeter, Veridian, Wardrop Engineering, as well as Ontario Power Generation.   More