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Pickering Immigration Lawyers - Our labour law and employment lawyers are able to handle a litany of issues, ranging from litigation to prevention, that might arise in complex operations or large mergers.

Our Employment and Labour Law practitioners are there to respond to clients' needs, whether the company is expanding geographically, or handling severance matters complicated by tax matters and stock options, or merging unionized and non-unionized workforces with complex pension and privacy problems.

Matters pertaining to labour and employment are more successfully solved when working in close relationship between employment and labour professionals and their clients. Finding the correct solution to the numerous disputes will depend upon a solid base of legal expertise and experience together with a common-sense method, whether the matter is due to sexual harassment in the office or there is a union organizer within the place of work. Prevention includes the drafting of procedures and policies so as to minimize exposure. If court proceedings are unavoidable, our employment and labour law experts provide support and case preparation.

The clients these days demand creative suggestion on all the aspects of labour relations and employment law to meet the several workplace management challenges. Labour implications and human resource matters for people included in change management and organizational restructuring are some of the basic needs which companies want sound suggestion on. Clients have to be aware of developments in legislation and case law which can have an effect on their human resource management.

Non-union and unionized employers in the public and private sectors require recommendation in the negotiation of agreements and settlements. Counsel is provided in disputes concerning human rights, employment standards, collective agreements, worker's compensation, wrongful dismissal, pay equity, occupational health and safety, and issues before labour relations boards.

In today's competitive business environment, labour and employment law helps to protect clients' companies through employment contracts, policies, handbooks, and so forth. Intellectual property protection is a high priority. Our teams of lawyers advise a lot of senior management individuals regarding corporate governance issues and fiduciary duties in order for them to prevent high profile disputes. In some situations, injunctions as well as different uncommon remedies can be utilized in order to protect clients' company from unjust competition.

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Profit magazine ranked Pickering as amomg the top ten cities within Canada to grow a business. The city of Pickering has several manufacturers situated within the city. Among its main companies are: Eco-Tec Inc. (industrial chemical recovery and water purification systems), PSB Speakers - Lenbrook (stereo machines), Hubbell Canada (electrical equipment), Canadian headquarters of Purdue Pharma (pharmaceuticals and health & beauty products), and Yorkville Sound (audio machines). The city of Pickering is even the location of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Its original station opened in the year 1971 and had four reactors, and during 2001, OPG7 Commemorative Turbine was opened on the generating station site. The largest single business in the city is the Ontario Power Generation. Pickering is the founding member of the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance or otherwise referred to as DSEA, and it concentrated on the companies of Areva, Eco-Tec, AECL, Intellimeter, Veridian, Wardrop Engineering, as well as Ontario Power Generation.   More