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Legal Aid Lawyers in Pickering - The developing world of energy and energy markets is the specialty of our firm's energy law group. There are numerous new challenges and opportunities. Our firm has a team of lawyers with the knowledge and experience to assist clients in taking advantage of this new world. Our energy law group offers a comprehensive array of legal services to international and local energy clients. We serve everyone from start-up businesses to major corporations. Whether your company offers solar energy technology or more traditional types of energy generation, both have complex transactional requirements. We provide sound and practical representation and suggestion drawing on a depth of understanding of the political, legal and economic problems involved in energy matters.

1. We assist with new developments associated to renewable/alternative energy technologies (e.g., wind, fuel cells, solar, hydropower, biofuels, biomass and geothermal). In the case of the solar energy industry, we act for users, developers and manufacturers in preparation of tax matters, development agreement, land and roof release, regulatory and legislative matters, commercial arrangements, financial agreements with investors as well as legislative and regulatory issues;

2. We have experience in projects dealing with energy efficiency demand management and cogeneration consisting of commercial, industrial and institutional contexts, consisting of financing, engineering, and construction concerns;

3. In respect of new statutory requirements to complete energy plans and their integration of land use, we provide advice to private and public entities;

4. We assist to negotiate and structure joint venture arrangements for energy projects, and could help in transfer and licensing arrangements, acquisitions and project financing;

5. We offer services to assist in the initial stage financing and commercialization of clean technologies;

6. We assist with compliance and approval with new energy and environmental law requirements (consisting of carbon management and disclosure);

7. We assist to create, protect and commercialize intellectual property rights;

8. We can assist in venture capital opportunities, private equity, initial public offering opportunities;

9. We represent clients at hearings before regulatory commissions and agencies concerning concerns like for instance "leave to construct" applications for both gas and electricity infrastructure, licensing, setting of rates, creation of independent transmission businesses, permitting, approvals and compliance matters

10. We counsel board of directors and senior management about issues of corporate governance and disclosure, climate change, environmental stewardship and liability issues, evolving regulatory concerns, and, where appropriate, helping in representations to governments.

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Profit magazine ranked Pickering as amomg the top ten cities within Canada to grow a business. The city of Pickering has several manufacturers situated within the city. Among its main companies are: Eco-Tec Inc. (industrial chemical recovery and water purification systems), PSB Speakers - Lenbrook (stereo machines), Hubbell Canada (electrical equipment), Canadian headquarters of Purdue Pharma (pharmaceuticals and health & beauty products), and Yorkville Sound (audio machines). The city of Pickering is even the location of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Its original station opened in the year 1971 and had four reactors, and during 2001, OPG7 Commemorative Turbine was opened on the generating station site. The largest single business in the city is the Ontario Power Generation. Pickering is the founding member of the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance or otherwise referred to as DSEA, and it concentrated on the companies of Areva, Eco-Tec, AECL, Intellimeter, Veridian, Wardrop Engineering, as well as Ontario Power Generation.   More